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Dr. Betty Wells Runkle, ND

October 26, 2024

Dr. Betty Wells Runkle, ND

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Pamela Litton

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If you'd like to discuss the trip, get more information, or just feel more comfortable speaking with me directly, please feel free to call anytime at 936-866-8670. I'd love to hear from you!


Do You Need a Reset? An Adult Time Out?

Absolutely! You deserve the benefits of a wellness retreat in Italy. Here's why:

  • Escape the Hustle: Leave behind the stress of daily life and immerse yourself in tranquility.
  • Inner Healing: Learn holistic wellness from the inside out with Betty Runkle. Combine this with Pilates and yoga stretches in the secret garden of Il Tesoro Villa.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Discover the heart of Italy through its food, history, and breathtaking landscapes.
  • Gourmet Delights: Learn to cook authentic Italian dishes using farm to table ingredients and savor every bite.
  • Breathtaking Destinations: Visit Orvieto, Sant'Antimo, Cascate del Mulino, Bolsena, and Civita di Bagnoregio.
  • Finish with a Flourish: Cap off your rejuvenating retreat with an unforgettable 4 day stay in Rome.

It's time to refresh, recharge, and rediscover yourself in the enchanting embrace of Italy. 🧘‍♀️🍷

A transformative healing journey

begins with Chiave Travel and special guest,

Dr. Betty Wells Runkle, ND

through the picturesque countryside of Tuscany.

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and join us for a rejuvenating wellness retreat nestled in the heart of Italian Culture & Tranquility.

Take this opportunity to prioritize your well-being and reconnect with yourself in a serene and supportive environment.

Our journey begins and concludes in Rome, the eternal city. Traveling to the countryside, you'll embark on an immersive exploration of Italy for six unforgettable days. Then, as we return to Rome, you'll have the OPTIONAL pleasure of indulging in the city's charms and treasures for an additional four days, ensuring a perfect balance of rural tranquility and urban excitement throughout our retreat.

Mornings at Il Tesoro will begin in a group workshop with Dr. Betty where she will inspire and empower you to take steps towards a more holistic life-style and natural approach to your own health.

Pamela Litton will lead mini Pilates/Yoga stretching sessions amidst the lush surroundings of Il Tesoro's Secret Garden.

Due to the personalized nature of this retreat, limited spots are available. Early booking is recommended to secure your place.

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For inquiries and reservations, please click here, complete the form and we will be in touch very soon.

Grazie mille!


Day One

Arrive Rome Sunday 10/27

October 27, we'll touch down in Rome at Fiumicino Airport. From there, we embark on a journey through private transport to the serene landscapes of southern Tuscany for an exclusive retreat at Il Tesoro.

Take in the rejuvenating fresh air and bask in the warmth of Italian hospitality with Mossimo and Rita as you unwind and relax.

Il Tesoro translates to “The Treasure”

Our gracious hosts

Mossimo and Rita


Cooking class in progress

Day Two

Monday 10/28

Today is all about embracing the art of relaxation and rejuvenation as you immerse yourselves in the beauty and charm of Italy. Delve into the heart of Italian cuisine with a hands-on cooking class led by a local chef.

Embark on a leisurely stroll to Bottega Conticelli, a charming local shop nestled in the heart of town. Browse through a curated selection of exquisite artisanal handmade leather goods, and perhaps pick up a unique souvenir to remember your time in Italy by.

Dinner at Il Tesoro followed by a language crash course with a lesson in Italian culture.

Day Three Tuesday 10/29

The Pharmacy of Sant'Antimo, nestled within the historic walls of the Abbey of Sant'Antimo in Tuscany, Italy, offers visitors a glimpse into the ancient traditions of herbal medicine and apothecary practices. Housed in a charming stone building adjacent to the abbey, the pharmacy preserves centuries-old remedies and botanical preparations used by monks and healers throughout the ages. Visitors can explore shelves lined with glass jars containing dried herbs, roots, and flowers, each with its own unique healing properties. From soothing tinctures to aromatic oils, the pharmacy's collection reflects a deep reverence for nature's healing gifts and the timeless wisdom of traditional medicine. Guided tours provide insight into the history of herbalism and the role of the pharmacy within the abbey's spiritual and medical traditions, offering a fascinating journey into the intersection of science, spirituality, and natural healing.

Sant'Antimo Abby

Abby Sant’ Antimo

Toscane Italy, Natural Spa with Waterfalls and Hot Springs at Saturnia Thermal Baths, Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy Aerial View on the Natural Thermal Waterfalls at Saturnia

The Cascate del Mulino, located near Saturnia in Tuscany, Italy, are a natural wonder renowned for their therapeutic thermal waters and stunning beauty. These cascading waterfalls, formed by the natural flow of hot springs, create a series of inviting pools where visitors can immerse themselves in the warm, mineral-rich waters. Surrounded by lush greenery and picturesque countryside, the Cascate del Mulino offer a tranquil retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether you're indulging in a soothing soak in the natural pools or simply admiring the breathtaking scenery, a visit to the Cascate del Mulino promises an unforgettable experience amidst the wonders of nature.

Cascate del Mulino

Day Four Wednesday 10/30

Town of Bolsena, Italy by Lake Bolsena

We'll start our day with a visit to Bolsena in the morning, followed by a delightful lunch in

Civita di Bagnoregio.

Panoramic view of historic town of Civita di Bagnoregio with surrounding hills and valleys of Lazio, Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy.


Spend an afternoon of free time to explore the city. As the evening approaches, we'll gather at Il Tesoro for dinner, where you can savor delicious cuisine accompanied by live music under the twinkling stars.

Civita di Bagnoregio

Day Five Thursday 10/31

Indulge in a scenic drive through the picturesque landscapes of southern Tuscany as we make our way to the historic town of Orvieto, where time seems to stand still. Explore the ancient streets and marvel at the timeless architecture, gaining insight into the centuries-old lifestyle of the Etruscans. Our journey will lead us to L'Orvietan, where we'll have the opportunity to sample ancient herbal digestives, connecting with the rich cultural heritage of the region in a truly unique way. Lamberto also carries a fine selection of hand made olive wood pieces and you can visit the workshop as well.




Aquapendente is a charming town nestled in the picturesque region of Lazio, Italy. Known for its stunning natural beauty, rich history, and warm hospitality, Aquapendente offers a delightful experience for first-time tourists.

As you wander through the cobblestone streets of Aquapendente, you'll be greeted by quaint medieval architecture, including beautiful churches, ancient palaces, and charming piazzas. One of the town's highlights is the imposing Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, a magnificent example of Romanesque architecture dating back to the 11th century. Inside, you can admire exquisite frescoes and sculptures, soaking in the atmosphere of centuries past.

Day Six

Friday, 11/01

Day Seven

Saturday, 11/02

Following our departure from Il Tesoro, a portion of our group will return to Rome to make their way back to the U.S. Meanwhile, others will opt to extend their stay in Rome to delve deeper into the city's offerings.

This airport boasts excellent shopping options for those seeking last-minute gifts. From charming souvenirs to high-end designer brands, Fiumicino offers a wide array of shopping experiences for every taste.

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This fantastic all-inclusive wellness retreat is available at the exclusive rate of $4,600.00, excluding airfare. Currently, economy airfare amounts to roughly $1,200.00. Should you wish to incorporate airfare into your package, please feel free to inform us.

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Register by filling out the contact form and submitting your $1,000 deposit.

Payment installments are an available, so let's discuss your options during our video conference

Rome Extension

Extending your Italy trip into Rome where we will explore some of the cities most iconic free treasures and relish an aperitif in the charming Piazza della Rotunda. Then, prepare to be awestruck as we admire the magnificent Pantheon, standing proud for over 2000 years, a testament to the enduring legacy of ancient Rome. After our visit to the Pantheon, we'll take a leisurely stroll to admire some other iconic Roman landmarks including Hadrian's Temple, the majestic Trevi Fountain, and the renowned Galleria. Then, we will indulge in a fabulous dinner at a trattoria nestled in the bustling Piazza Navona, soaking in the lively atmosphere of this historic square.

Pantheon in Rome


a surving wall on the Temple of Hadrian in Rome

Temple of Hadrian

The Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy

Fontana de Trevi

Rome, Italy - October 18, 2019: Skylight Window and Colourful Facade at Galleria Sciarra in Rome, Italy

Galleria Sciarra

Piazza Navona

Day Eight

Sunday, 11/03

For those seeking a spiritual experience, Sunday mass at the chair of St. Peter in St. Peter's Basilica is a grand and profound moment of reflection and reverence. Following is the noon blessing by Pope Francis in the infamous square designed by the great Baroque sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Landscape of Villa Borghese in Rome


Villa Borghese with the gallery, gardens and lake is a fantastic option. Free admission (as the first Sunday of the month) alludes to hours of relaxed enjoyment.

Villa Borghese Gallery
Villa Borghese Museum Exterior View

Day Nine

Monday, 11/04

This morning is designated for the optional Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel tour or the Colosseum & Ancient Rome tour.

VATICAN CITY - MAY 07, 2019: Spiral Staircase in Vatican Museums, Vatican City

Embark on an exclusive early morning semi-private tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, immersing yourself in art and history before visiting the majestic St. Peter's Basilica.

Contact for pricing and information.

Vatican Museum Sign, Rome
VATICAN CITY - MAY 07, 2018: Statue of River Nile God in Vatican Museums, Vatican City
People at Vatican Museum, Rome, Italy

Our April tour group alone in the Sistine Chapel


Colosseum with Ancient Rome Tour

Contact for pricing and information.

Panoramic Image of Colosseum
Statue of Augustus Caesar in Rome, Italy

Our evening together is all about food! A guided walking food tour through the renowned Trastevere neighborhood that will include a stop in a wine cellar that is 200 years older than the Pantheon.

Momma Mia!


Day Ten

Tuesday, 11/05

The majority of the day presents an opportunity for leisure, whether it's indulging in the pursuit of fine Italian leather goods, sampling exquisite wines and cheeses, or simply meandering through the charming neighborhoods. Wander through the labyrinthine streets and alleyways of Rome, uncovering hidden treasures along the way.

Luxury Purses Displayed in Shop
Exhibition of handmade leather shoes.
leather belts in italian shop in florence

This afternoon we come together for a memorable evening golf cart tour. It's a perfect way to discover parts of this splendid city that we may not otherwise have the time to explore by foot.

Day Eleven

Wednesday 11/06

Airplane flying above clouds

Depart Rome

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The additional four-day extension in Rome is priced at $2,150.00

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For inquiries and reservations, please click here, complete the form and we will be in touch very soon.

Grazie mille!

Please note that the itinerary provided is subject to change at the discretion of Chiave Travel. While we strive to adhere to the proposed schedule, unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions, availability, or other factors beyond our control may necessitate adjustments. Rest assured, any modifications will be made with careful consideration to ensure the best possible experience for our valued clients.

Thank you for your understanding.

Additional information:

Please be advised that the accommodations at the villas of Il Tesoro are based on double occupancy. This means that the pricing and arrangements are structured for two individuals sharing a room. If you have any specific accommodation preferences or requirements, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

During our time in Rome, we'll be staying in comfortable apartments, double occupancy. However, if you prefer a hotel stay, please send me your requests, and I'll make sure to accommodate your needs. As your personal guide, I aim to ensure everyone's comfort and convenience by keeping us all in the same neighborhood during our stay in Rome. This way, we can easily coordinate activities, share experiences, and foster a sense of camaraderie throughout our journey. Your time in Rome will be all-inclusive. Meaning our meals (with wine/beer) tips, tours and taxi as a group are included in your total cost. Recognizing that some may have already explored Rome, optional tours are available. If you're interested in an additional tour (at an additional cost) or of a different area, just let me know, and I will arrange it for you. Rome's outskirts hold countless wonders waiting to be discovered!





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